Forestville Tennis Centre, in partnership with Tennis Australia, has incorporated the ANZ Hot Shots program of tennis development for young players into our junior coaching programs. Many of you will have seen adverts on the television or in magazines for this program...let us show you why it is so different and so successful...

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ANZ Hot Shots Program

The ANZ Hot Shots program has revolutionised the way children are taught to play tennis all the way around the world and has been endorsed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the USTA, LTA (UK), through Europe and Canada.

There are 3 progressive stages or skill development pathway to the ANZ Hot Shots program which are represented by 3 different colours - red, orange and green.  Although we do put age recommendations for each stage... these are only guidelines and what age a child reaches each stage on the pathway is dependent on many factors, including what age they started at, how often they play and their natural ability.   

Hot Shots is designed to get children playing the game and having fun from their very first session.

What is Different?

A modified, smaller court, lighter racquets,  use of low-compression red, orange and green tennis balls for each stage.  As the children progress along the pathway the court size increases, the racquets get bigger and the balls gradually increase in compression. The slower balls give players much more time to prepare their shots and movement to the ball, hit the ball at the correct height or in their "comfort zone" and therefore rallying easier to control and making tennis easier to play.  

The Launch Pad stage introduces kids to tennis in a fun and active environment and is designed to help young players transition into Red Ball Stage.

Kids learn the key motor skills such as tracking, locomotion, striking, movement, balance, throwing and catching. It gets kids out in the fresh air, exercising, having fun and making friends. It is a great way to establish exercise and fitness as an integral part of their lives.

Launch Pad is the first step on a structured pathway of development that can develop their individual skills to whatever level they wish to attain.

The progam uses modified equipment - small nets, courts and racquets and bigger balls....everything is designed for "little players", so that every player can attain individual goals, whatever their natural ability.

We understand how difficult it is for kids to come into a structured program at such a young age  therefore we always offer a FREE trial lesson and the opportunity to defer classes if at any stage that is required.

The program is usually targeted for age 3 to 4.

All Senior Coaches are Tennis Australia Qualified, insured, screened and First Aid Certified. 

If you would like to make a booking or need some further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 9975 5189 or Tim  0410150090 or  click here to email us

The Red stage is for children who have either come through the Launch Pad stage or those who are only just beginning to play the game.

At the very beginning of this stage the program is about creating a fun, interactive environment for the players with less focus on strict technical development and more on the "Learning through Play" philosophy. 

We strive to create a program where every child can "succeed" and therefore may stay in the game for longer, encourage their friends and family to take up tennis.  However, obviously technique is important and as the children progress through the red ball stage more technique, serving, rallying and scoring and developing tactics that will help them play more effectively. By staying at this stage long enough children will learn to master the whole court, develop more control and have to structure their point play strategies better which will be essential for following the next stages on the pathway.

The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (just 25 per cent compression), making it easy for even the youngest players to hit it comfortably. The courts and nets used in the Red stage are much smaller and easier for kids to move around.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info at 99755189, Tim 0410 150090 or click here to email us.

After mastering the Red stage, children move on to the Orange stage where the ball bounces a little higher and the court is a bit bigger. This is where the players fully develop their technical and tactical play.  The larger court requires more footwork, balance and movement as well accuracy, consistency, use of different spins, defensive and aggressive play ... and especially and all court game.

This is the stage that we start to introduce footwork and fitness drills...the children have more court to cover, in less time and need to be able to support this with better balance, movement and stamina.

All players in Orange stage are encouraged to play in structured competitions where they learn how to use technical and tactical information in a real match play setting.

Classes: Monday to Friday - 4.30 to 6pm.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info at 99755189, Tim 0410 150090 or click here to email us.

The ball used in the Green stage has a higher compression (75 per cent of a yellow tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court.  During this stage technique is refined, learning advanced technique for the delivery of spin on the ball for serve and ground shots, a full repoirtoire of shots ie drop shot, defensive / aggressive lobs, aproach shots, passing shot, point structure, winning plays. 

Fitness and strengthening drills become an integral part of this stage of development, players need to cover more court, increase stamina and start to develop more muscle to accommodate the more advanced techniques that they will be taught.

Players in the Green Stage are strongly encouraged to participate Tournaments and / or Competitions such as those run by  Northern Beaches Tennis Association and the Northern Suburbs Tennis Association.

Classes: Monday to Friday - 4.30 to 6pm.

Go to our Junior Competition page to see our great NSTA Sunday Competition and feel free to ask our Senior Coaches about which Tournaments may be appropriate for you to play.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info at 99755189, Tim 0410 150090 or click here to email us.

Players in Advanced Yellow have met all requirements of ANZ Hot Shots programs and are now moving into a full compression yellow ball on full court.  Advanced techniques and tactics are refined further and emphasis is put on the mental and physical side of the game.

Players at this stage have a good understanding of Tennis Australia Technical and Tactical Fundamentals and can apply them in a match setting.

Classes: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - 6.00 - 7.30pm

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info at 99755189, Tim 0410 150 090 or click here to email us.

Elite squad is designed for players looking into playing junior Optus tournament, under16, 18 and /or , Australian money tournaments.

Every squad wiill run through different tactical fundamentals, session will also include physical on court drills video analysis and mental on and off court training.

Please be advised that this is an elite squad limited space is available and players will only be able to join if their grade/ranking is adequate.

(maximum 6 players per coach).

Forestville Tennis Centre - Private Lesson Policy- 2020

Private and Semi Private (2 people) lessons can be run as a single lesson or for the length of the term.

Any missed private lessons due to illness, or wet weather can be made up during the holiday period at the end of term or remaining credit can be applied to your following term of lessons.

If for any reason you need to cancel a lesson, we require a minimum of 6 hours’ notice. Any lesson cancelled within those 6 hours prior to the lesson time commencing will be charged as per usual. A non-appearance will also be charged.

You can pay for your private lessons in one of two ways. If you buy the Term Pack, payment is due on the day of your first lesson, and you will receive a discount on your lessons as listed below. If you decide not to do the term pack, each lesson is payable at the time of your lesson, no credit will be applied.

There have been slight increases in the Private lessons due to increasing costs at the centre. Please see the below table to see how these changes affect you.




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